Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke -Inner Gazing

So the brilliant Mickey Mickey Rourke has released the full length Inner Gazing album which features a string of great collaborations from the likes of Raw Moans, Craft Spells Foxes in Fiction, Top Girls, Universe and Lester Brown.
Its available from his Bandcamp page for only $2.50 which is so so cheap!
An album of spacey drones and glo-fi ambience Inner Gazing is a trip into a Autumn sky filled with a million blinking stars and the occasional slowly passing comet. Whispered vocals in the distance, just over the hill, lead you on until the album has enveloped you and their is no way back, you push on through, the light from ancient suns beating down upon the landscape, the grass waving in the night air all around the faint sound of sirens far off into town. The glow worms are out, leading you on until you wake at dawn with dew covered cobwebs covering you from head to toe.

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