Friday, 15 October 2010

S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce!

Nattymari has dropped two more great mix tapes since his last SEΔCREST one.

First there is Savage n0mad which is a long slow autumnal journey into dragged pop, witch house and weirdness. Its music through a prism of glue and codeine. Not so much Zombie Rave as Ghoul Rave.
"Gutters filled with dog manure/vomit/stale wine/urine/blood. Street warriors pass in Waffen helmets. Roast Duck 5 Spice hangs in random window. Puerto Rican pretty boys text lyrics of love songs to their Mamis. Somewhere a radio plays from out a car window. Yesterday's hits collide with the street battle raps. Forbidden sex for trade in the next building. Euro beats and the wrong kind of drugs."

And most recently is the S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce mix which dedicated to circuit djs around the world:
"They're in every city, playing every Friday and Saturday night. If good at their jobs, they track the Top 40, Euro and P4K charts like the stock market, yet still have time to post random obscure updates to their twitter accounts. Skilled at their trade, they play the right amount of pop to get the white girls on the floor, yet still appear ironic. Carefully weave in enough esoterica to make the ❐'s think they're ▲. Fill the floor for two hours, only to drop the tempo down to a late night makeout party."

S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce seems to be what Nattymari would play if that was his approach to djing, its full on chart stompers dragged and witched up until things are so scrambled and drugged that you don't know which way is up or why a child is singing insistently in a baritone voice over glitching dragged synths that echo off into the distance forever!


  1. sheeeet! love these!

  2. S0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥