Saturday, 24 December 2011

Valeskja Valcav's Hyperdelic Transmanifesto.

Before 2011 closes the door and ushers in the end times of 2012 I want to talk to you about Valeskja Valcav.. this is one awesome trance, blackmetal, postpunk, electro noise project, part of Hyperdelic Transmanifesto a close association of musical projects, Valeskja Valcav is an amazing, aggressively throbbing, sonic wonderland of white light white heat, trans warp inter dimensional future sound, grating int your ears, distorted pure light and unlimited bandwidth information banging hard through your stereo till the walls bleed colours, your brain astrally projects out through the top of your skull and the sky strobes rainbows. 

Hailing from France this musical duo is comprised of: N A T H aka Ellah a. Thaun ~ mouth, guitar, drum machine, and keys. And JIM aka Rapport1984 ~ samples, visuals, bass. Their eponymousy titled album/EP is free to download from their Bandcamp. In the next few months a slew of releases is also coming, a live album, singles, unreleased demos and more.

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