Thursday, 15 December 2011

SC49 - Music is sex.

SC49 continues a minor trend for band names that sound like filing systems or car number plates, but whose music is anything but as mundane and boring as that sounds. SC49 creates sexy porn music, downbeat electronica in need of an '80 porn film to soundtrack. All slow gliding and orgasmic SC49's rich juicy sound, slow grinds your ear canal and lap dances its way into the bed of your music library. Breathy and insistent, it wants you to sex to it, it need you to use words like writhe and grind, lick and slide. There are only three tracks available so far one's up for free download on Soundcloud.

SC49 - In The Room For Porn by SC49
SC49 - Dream Of An Extraterrestrial Orgasm by SC49
SC49 - Sexy Ways by SC49

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