Tuesday, 6 December 2011


If you wanted to sum up 2011 and predict 2012 in terms of what was new and making waves, all be it "butterfly creating a hurricane" style, then CRAVE  is it, a Berlin denizen, CRAVE creates deep dark and heavy pop synth punk drone, epic like James Cameron, brutal like Charles Bronson, evil like Kenneth Anger, its intense and harsh, did I say its harsh? Damn its harsh, black metal stylee but so beautifully bassy and dynamic, slow low down tempo to soundtrack cooking up meth. So you go along listening to bass and static, melodic death beat, then his music changes lanes and goes all Nirvana suicide acoustic distorted but wondrous. Just some genius stuff here. You all have to give it a listen and then a second and then you are like SO there. Bad trip vibes and loving it. 

The album Heal is out now, $6.66 from Bandcamp. Its better than Salem's - King Knight by at least a solid mile. 

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