Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Vortex Rikers - Oceanic EP

Vortex Rikers new EP is dark winter Chillwave for Hipsters who dont live in California, whose homes are beside great lakes of ice, where snow falls to the ground very slowly all year round. A sound for staring at the weak midwinter sun as it disappears over the horizon bound for hotter climbs. This is beach music, this is surf music, but for beaches of cold grey stone, and surf roaring off in great deathly arcs as icebergs calf into the sea. Surf these winter waters if you will but you aren't coming back to shore. This is Chillwave for leaden skies and long dark evenings staying inside hiding from the trolls patrolling the tundra. Permafrost music. Iceberg music. Arctic fox hibernating in its burrow music. 

Download the Vortex Rikers Oceanic EP for free from Bandcamp now!

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