Tuesday, 13 September 2011

▲WI╪CHBØØK▲ Presents COVENFVCK - Compilation of the year!!

WI╪CHBØØK is a massive Facebook group dedicated to what others could call Witch House, it's a very insular and sometimes annoying group that is constantly updated with hundreds of posts everyday, due to this I don't go there much. But what ever you might think they have just got together and created maybe the most awesome compilation imaginable, as a label they have released a whole bunch of stuff already but this comp is pretty much the definitive collection of Witch House/Grave Wave/Nu Goth artists on the internet! 

COVENFUCK is first and foremost a mixtape by Mike Textbeak but it is also a collection of 86 amazing heavy duty awesome bands and artists you will probably not have heard of. 

The mixed version available in sections to download from here, here and here. Look for the physical release of this mix featuring bonus tracks/materials in 2012 on the label Black Lodge Music. "This mix is dedicated to the memory of Antonio Urdiales aka ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ aka PONYBOY"

This is just an immense dark synth Witchian compilation of more artists than you can hope to discover normally. Go listen to it all and download and buy etc cos you cannot be disappointed!!! COMPILATION OF 2011.

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