Thursday, 22 September 2011

ABUSE 23/9/2011

23rd September 2011 at The Green Door Store, Brighton.

Featuring Crim3s playing live. 

Numerous DJs from Fokkawolfe, Xanadu and Be Nothing playing the likes of: 
Azari&III, Visions Of Trees, Teengirl Fantasy, Nike7up, Mellow Grave, Stoned Boys, Creep, oFF, Gvcci Hvcci, Egyptrixx, Trust, 18+, Grimes, Purity Ring, //Tense//, Eternity Zone, Soft Metals, Salem, nguzunguzu, Xeno and Oaklander, Gatto Fritto, Geneva Jacuzzi, Health, Throbbing Gristle, Picturplane, Ritualz, Hollagramz, Gatekeeper, Teams, Blissed Out, Light Asylum, Com Truise.

Free entry from 11pm onwards. Open till 4am. Hyper visuals and strobes in use throughout.

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