Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MIL3¥ $3RI•VS - next level #SEAPUNK

As the #seapunk meme revolution swims quietly along offshore summoning the spirit of Point Break and Free Willy through the careful alignment of giant salt crystals we encounter another mermaid bothering artist wading into the ocean spirit world. MIL3¥ $3RI•VS makes some awesome sounds, back to the the 90s filtered through the swimming pool of eternity. 

"The thematic birth child of Chillwave fucking a Steampunk convention, Seapunk sounds are more 90s than Will Smith slotting a Compact Disc into his Sony Discman while wearing a "save the whales" t.shirt."

Keeping with the specific seapunk meme MIL3¥ $3RI•VS has created a brilliant 90s drag jam that duets with dolphins, real life dolphins singing along, waves and seagulls doing their thing too its called Follow The Sun and it slays better than Japanese whaling fleet; sending a harpoon of love straight at your cetacean heart. Go download it for free now from Soundcloud along with all the other tracks up there including the killer Pinkhair Summer Mixtape below.

☼ Follow the sun ☯ by ██ MIL3¥ $3RI•VS ░░

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