Monday, 26 September 2011

Police Academy 6!!!

Police Academy 6 create all the beauty and atmospherics of a sound that is best labelled Chillwave, its ambient and warm and soulful, a slow downbeat, a sleepy House feel that drifts on pink clouds of cotton candy through the outer reaches of imagined memory recalling a nostalgic glow and happy mode that needs to eb returned to but never existed. Chillwave sounds are amazing, maybe the reason for peoples conceptual aversion comes from them not thinking this is cutting edge.. I know its now the end of 2011 but damn it still is. It's just the world of Blogs has the attention-span of an ADHD goldfish.
Police Academy 6 has an album out and available to download for $5 from Bandcamp. Called simple Police Academy 6 its a huge collaborative project and features everyone from Raw Moans to Lester Brown. Go get it now.

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