Monday, 19 September 2011

Audrey Hørne becomes Special Darkness

Audrey Hørne has upped and changed names to "Special Darkness" and has a new EP out later this month called "Far From Home." This is Witch House but sparkly, there's a lot of the same sounds everyone is using but its got a nice twist to it. The track "Owner" is especially nice. There's nothing wrong with a lot of bands and artists sounding the same within dance music, that's what defines a genre, but with say drum & bass or dubstep there is a point to sameness in that it helps give a cohesion to a set.. now with Witch House there is very little that can actually be DJed out in a club and I should know I've repeatedly tried, so the cohesion of sound across artists for me at least starts to become ear filler, maybe its time for everyone to stop using pre-set beat sounds and over-driven synth sounds.. 


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