Saturday, 17 September 2011

Physical Therapy makes me No Age...

Weird connections and non connections.. in a world where consumerism permeates all and we turn ourselves into products and consumers, marketplaces and sales people ad infinitum the old ways no longer break through our horny hides and we need new ways to get noticed. It is a world where bands now need subterfuge websites and self concious aversions to publicity, success by obscurity, selling the brand by hiding it deep.

In this world in which we now find ourselves let me introduce two such websites by two quite different bands. The first is Physical Therapy: while working perfectly as a website, with links hidden at the bottom of the page to YouTube and Soundcloud, their site at first glance seems to be a total accidental redirection... that's why you stay that's why you keep on and that's why you get hooked.. no its not a health spa fitness spam site!
Go visit! 

Sleep ∞ Over - Casual Diamond (Physical Therapy Remix) by PHYSICAL THERAPY

The second website is under construction for the band No Age.. again taking the health and fitness root "Power Nutrition Supplements, Designed for SuperHealth" their play on their name slip from new age to No Age takes the twist that much further with a line of health supplements coming soon.. for real! Go visit the No Age site.

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