Friday, 2 September 2011


This is a full on drone and noize thing that manages to break through the pull of Earths gravity and blast away into space, R▲VE≡WΔVE (such a good name) is a distorted symbol rich wall of static rave thing that spreads like a tsunami of grey goo over the ears. Hailing from Norwich, England this intrepid explorer of the sonic nether regions of   inner space has all his tracks ready and willing to download from Soundcloud so go grab them.

  ▌BᴦᴁK‡₦GΔB●₦∑Z█▐ by R▲VE≡WΔVE
1● †H∑ Ɑ‡R† ψⱡLL L●V∑ ϓ●U by R▲VE≡WΔVE

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