Friday, 8 March 2013

Horse Head

I like Horse Head and what's not to like, Californian, chill but not wavy, blissed out and alternative, psychedelic RnB vibes, smooth sampled crooning pearls of joy, very much in the same sonic area as another great Teams. 

This reminds me of the best that was Chillwave in 2010, spilling out from sun drenched minds in places all over the States, although California was a bit of a hub. I planned to go on a "blog tour" that year, kind of like a DIY band tour but without the shows, just me turning up and blogging chillwave bands gigs and staying with them for a day or so. It would have been ace. Taking trains and buses everywhere as I never learnt how to drive, catching lifts from place to place, doing fuck all out on a beach somewhere, drinking mexican beers and chatting with newly formed bands about vintage synths. 

You can download the last two Horse Head EPs for free from Bandcamp. Love Theme and The Green 1.

Also go check out the Soundcloud page for the latest tracks. And there are so many new tracks all the time.

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