Wednesday, 31 August 2011

King Dude - Tonight's Special Death LP

Very few are as good as King Dude, this one man unstoppable neo-folk machine forged in the deep pine forests and forgotten mountains of some long lost aeon can do no wrong in my opinion. The latest votive offering for fans ears to consume is an LP called Tonight's Special Death and is released 10th September this year on Avant Records, so not long!
Tonight Special Death is full of warmth and analogue clutter, echoes tumbling through pagan halls of the elders, reverberating off the armour of long dead Chieftains buried in the barrows and hills of the Downlands, strummed guitars like larks high above in beached blue skies oblivious to the history below, laments and howls emanating from dry cracked lips.
King Dude is about to embark upon a short European tour starting in Belgium on 3rd September go see him!

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