Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Post coital sunshine breaking sounds from ORIG∆MI.

This is good. ORIG∆MI is a 17 year old kid currently living in The Hague. He makes the most brilliant quiet Chillwave inspired sounds, all drifting and glacial summers, his first EP is called The Rapture and it is just brilliant, he describes it as being about "beauty, giant space monsters, bitches and places to feel comfortable in. Oh yeah, it's also about death and destruction... kinda." This is the stuff to listen to post Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, listen to those guys and end up partying all night in a feild somewhere, then space out at dawn to ORIG∆MI. Beautiful.
The EP is free to download from Bandcamp and is well worth listening to, blogging and generally telling all your friends about.

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