Monday, 25 February 2013

Remixes from Hollow Press

The Hollow Press label has put out a great 32 track remix compilation which you can download for free from their Bandcamp. Check out their info about it:

"Friends of Hollow Press have contributed 32 incredible remixes on this free Bandcamp release. This compilation acts as a project from which artists can connect with other artists, and collaborate with creative minds from around the world. Included with this download is a PDF which features website links (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook) to all of the artists featured on this collection. With these links you can find out more about them, purchase their music, or even contact them for a collaboration. To everyone involved, I thank you immensely for your time and love."

Its a really good label with some awesome artists on its roster and this album is a great little endeavour. Definitely worth a listen.

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