Friday, 8 February 2013

Skinny Girl Diet

Albums are designed to keep you down, to keep you at home listening quietly for an hour or so, albums are an opium kosh. Singles are a line of speed, they are about the now, they hit you up with instant engagement, no singles have to "grow on you", they are for going out, on the move, songs for action and life. Singles are revolutionary, albums are the the prison you need to break out of... Eps on the other hand are little manifestos for life.

Thanks to Bill Drummond's recent critique of Classic Albums for these ideas.

With All this in mind here is a great all girl punk band with influences from Riot Grrrl and Grunge and all manner of immediate vital sounds. The band are Skinny Girl Diet, they're from London and they play fast and just about keep up. It slays. Download what you want from their Soundcloud. Support you local girl gang.

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