Friday, 24 February 2012

Diamond Black Hearted Boy - future uploader

I hadn't check up on anything from Diamond Black Hearted Boy for a while and so I discover he has been uploading from the future! 2037, 2029 and December 2012! It all makes sense now, these art piece minimal mash-techno alt hip-hop house tracks filled with samples and boundery pushing, genre mining sounds. One track uploaded sometime in December 2012, probably on the go as he evades the conscription gangs roaming the Russian Caucasus, is a look back at the genre of Seapunk. Called Dummy its a brilliant splash of a track, with a minimal water filled "Pirate Bay of the Caribbean" feel. 

Moving further ahead in time Diamond Black Hearted Boy seems to be inspired by looking back to a more simple time of 90s house vocals but put through the filters of the present time in 2029... droning synths and spaced out nocturnal echoes backing an epic looped vocal.

Next we push forward even further to 2037, with the track entitled: "damaged mecha walking through the outskirts of neo​-​dubai (its dark and hell is hot" more of a diary entry from a future club sight, this intense warning-siren filled track floats with oil filled energy and cascading avatar vocals, reverberating in the middle eastern night, as the bombs crawl across the dessert in search of new owners. Blam this shit is good. I just hope this dude gets back to our time ok. But hey if he is flitting between eras why come back to early 2012.. why not head off in time to '87 or '92 and avoid all the chaos. All his tracks are available for free download from the Bandcamp.

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