Saturday, 18 February 2012

Acid Kicks

Here's another great American guitar band only this one hasn't any guitars in it. Acid Kicks is made up of three bass players and one drummer. Hailing from Philadelphia they make a cacophony of punk prog sound, epic swirling sludge and and rocking psychedelia, like Hawkind running into a band like Gonga or Teeth Of The Sea and deciding to get their gay skinhead mates to chase them through town. It's brilliant stuff. 

Go download their "Life Dreams" 7inch release from Bandcamp for $4. If you spend a bit more then you can get the vinyl and if you spend a bit more than that then they will send you a dreamcatcher with the release as well! There's also a slightly more recent live release -"Live At Silk City" which you can download from their Bandcamp for free if you want.

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