Friday, 3 June 2011

Free compilation download from Young And High Club

Young and High Club have just released a 13 track under-the-radar/unsigned mixtape which is available for free from Bandcamp here. It cam out a few days ago and is a great mix of bands and what-have-you so go get it and really like actually discover some new music that you might not otherwise have heard, stuff that may or may not be out of your own personal music comfort zone!

1.Gardens and Villa - Orange Blossom 04:18
2.Bear Cavalry - Dragon's Milk Pt.II 05:21
3.Mara Carlyle - Away With These Self Loving Lads 04:32
4.Mayer Hawthorne - You've Got The Makings Of A Lover 02:12
5.Headless Horseman - Wavlngth 02:38
6.Milo Snow - Playing Grass Vol.1 03:26
7.Bella Mckendree - Love Her 02:42
8.Mean Lady - Far Away 04:15
9.Aaron & The Sea - I Want[ed] you 03:15
10.Naomi Jasmine - 30 Second Love 03:57
11.A Classic Education - Gone To Sea 02:53
12.Mayaeni - Broken Glass 03:59
13.Gracie - For Dylan, From Africa 03:25

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