Monday, 15 March 2010

Tanlines, Settings EP and Real Life single excitement!

Tanlines are what Vampire Weekend should have been like if they had looked south rather than across the atlantic, what Yeasayer are trying to now be and what Rainbow Arabia almost get right. A Brooklyn duo, Tanlines have just released an EP called Settings. All drifting calypso over crashing waves from a tropical beach, illuminated neon palms, steel drums and bass that pours dark rum into your ears. This is happy as hell music, synth riffs over a percussive world of layered beats, bleeps bottle taps and claps to the point almost of cheese!
Released on True Panther the 6 song strong EP also has guest vocals by favourite of this blog Glasser. The single from the EP is also out with remixs by Memory Tapes and Basic Needs.
They have also had the odd song out on Young Turks and Kitsune Maison.
Currently doing a short tour of festivals in the US this band are about to cross the pond and take us away from the grey rain filled skies and into an imaginary world of eternal holidays and sandy toes with their only confirmed UK date so far being in Brighton at Jam on the 24th May!!

The single "Real Life" is available here.
The EP can brought in digital format or 12" here

The video below is the Memory Tapes remix of the single, keeping things kind of the same but just blending in some lime and ginger to make you feel all warm.

Here also are their 2 Twitter accounts if you want to follow them (1 for each member of the band!:


  1. cool. i like this. turns out i'm a total sucker for hypnagogic glo-wave or whatever.

    Maybe you can answer the hundred questions raised in this review?!

  2. that article you linked to is essentially a big list of questions strung together to make up a review!!
    Tanlines are playing Jam in May so all will be answered then!