Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mater Suspiria Vision, awesome video nasties!

Mater Suspiria Vision have just released a Limited Edition of 10 Betamax and 10 VHS tapes called "On TV" (which obviously is now sold out) and have a CD called "Second Coming" out with Disaro.

Think fellow Disaro signings oOoOO, think late night film scores, think dream sequences, think satanic sex trances, think pagan geometric worship of John Carpenter.
Clipped films, slowed down unknown horrors, floating witches, echoing drug induced comas! Brilliant stuff!

Their Myspace is full of their videos/music/visuals etc.
They also have a Tumblr.
And you can find them on Facebook too!

Any post about these enigmatic video nasties would not be complete without showing you at least two of their awesome videos! Enjoy!

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