Thursday, 1 April 2010

Chillwave 6 Of the Best, +5 more!

To accompany my "Six of the best Chillwave bands"article in the April 2010 issue of The Brighton Source magazine this month here are a bunch more of equally great bands that I had to leave out!
Featured in The Source were:

Washed Out,
Neon Indian,
Best Coast,
Pearl Harbour, (now Puro Instinct)
Memory Tapes
Bye Bye Blackbird (now Blackbird Blackbird)

First up is the amazing Memory House, the name sums it up really! Dreamy Hipstermatic induced and sleep washed pop tunes part folk tinged synth dreams and quiete blissful ambient lovelyness.
A Canadian boy/girl due, get their two EP's Caregiver and Lately from Bandcamp (Lately is free)

Small Black are a four piece with a great stage presence and an approach to music making that is fully Chillwave. Grooving pop tunes with a blissed out feel, dreamy and dancey, upbeat but medicated, Valium parties on sandy beaches underneath serotonin bloated full moons, staring wide eyed down onto the world.
Check their blog too for all the usual stuff and links to all their releases.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a six piece Philadelphian band who do a wonderful dreamy synth/guitar/samples/vocals thing that is more Chillwave than a memory of riding your bmx to the beach all cought on super 8 film! But is also a definate group creation not a Washed Out style solo effort. They have an album and 7" out and a bunch of internet presence! Myspace. Facebook. Website.

Real Estate are from New Jersey and make quiet, happy, psychedelic Chillwave for anti-folk fans.
Glo-fi, psychedelic, dream pop, instruments and garage sensibilities as much influenced by 60s psych bands as Housey synth chill-out.

Finally I've left the best to last with the brilliant Tory Y Moi, this dude is just immense, total full on, perfectly crafted, Housey blissful pop tunes. Smooth and dancey as if Prince had been reborn as someone who isn't uptight. Best to listen to while driving to your favourite hang out by the beach or up in the hills, not only is the sun shining but you know it will be all summer and although night is nearly upon you the warm summer breeze is keeping everything drifting along just perfectly.

Read the "Six of the Best Chillwave" article below (its on the very last page):

(edited for clarity since first posted in April 2010)


  1. Ay where's Toro Y Moi/Delorean??? "Talamak" is by far the best chillwave song out there (in my opinion). I really like Sunny Day in Glasgow I'm kind of surprised you put them under Chillwave. I never really thought of them that way as they have all the guitars and are a little less poppy. It's cool to see them here though.

    Great list though!

    I've never heard of Memory House before but I really like them! Great find.

  2. Sally Paradise
    french chillwave

    free EP here:


  4. Some nice links! Bands should leave more as this post gets some of the most hits on my blog!

  5. If you like this genre check out this new all-italian band: Casa del mirto

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  6. a chillwave compilation

  7. cool, this is all good, will blog this soon, leave more links to new chillwave bands people!

  8. love these bands, so much nostalgia feelings but all new

  9. What about Kiss Kiss Fantastic, jj, Echo Lake, Dreams, Fiveng and Teams!!

  10. yeah those are all great! I wrote this Spring of last year so wasnt up on those bands then!


  12. Check out X3SR, New Indie/Chillwave artist. or visit and like the page for more updates and music.


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