Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wild Palms at The Recommender 24th April.

So like this is happening on the 24th April and is gonna be so good and everyone has to come. (Not before I get my ticket though!)

Wild Palms are just so good! They're kind of on tour/kind of just getting tons of gigs right now but don't miss this because its going to be amazing.

Postpunk but done with the proper fury and energy that it should have, not this weedy Flock Of Seagulls inspired stuff thats floating to the surface at the moment!

Here's the bands Myspace and Tumblr and below is their video for Over Time. Big things people, big things!

The gig is being put on by The Recommender, top league bloggers and burgeoning promoters.

So again, its on Saturday 24th April @Jam in Brighton for only £4! Be there or be jealous!

wild palms - over time music video from James Copeman on Vimeo.

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