Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Some great psychedelic garage for you today in the form of New Hampshire unsigned four piece MMOSS (or maybe its mmoss, I'm not sure on this all caps spelling or not.) Proper 60s sounding folk pop psychedelia, there's even a flute in there at one point! Dulcimers, Hammond organ, twelve string guitar strumming, its great!
It makes me want to wake up dressed in a long silk shirt, in a white teepee, in a summer field with long haired smiling friends and we all go dancing through the woods to the top of a windblown hillside and never think about bills or work.
They have an eighteen track album called "i" for download from Bandcamp on the pay 'what you want' basis!
Go get it!!

Paired with this post is the band CQ also it seems from New Hampshire and also unsigned. CQ is two sixteen year olds making wonderful shoegazey, garage with all the reverb loving spaceyness of Chillwave. Just like MMOSS they take you away on a fantasy nostalgia trip just in a different way!
Nothing to download yet but they have some great stuff to listen to on their myspace.

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