Monday, 12 April 2010

Twin Sister, Colour Your Life EP.

With a wonderful, no filler, 6 track EP available to download for free (only for the next few days) and a tour with the equally chillwavey Holiday Shores just finished, Twin Sister are not only generous but also very timely too! A five piece group from Long Island they make music from their apartments to spin your brain to other lands.
But this isn't just a one idea chillwave nostalgiafest all warm and fuzzy. The songs on their Colour Your Life EP go to exciting new places, from the synth heavy slow smacky side of chillwave to Wickerman folk melodies into sprawling orchestral noisescapes and back again to loveable pop ditties! They remind me of A Sunny Day In Glasgow and that cant be bad.
Their site not only has their free EP to download but a huge selection of other songs they have recorded to listen to as well, plus all their many upcoming gigs and press.

1 comment:

  1. haha, nice! that new ep is not free anymore. The world is full of Best Coast this week too. I've been playing it over and over, it's great. think i might be doing the same with this as well.

    Sometimes the hype is right y'know.