Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Psychic Reality, Lately Blu Blu and Bermuda Bonnie!

Here are three interesting bands all composed of female members I've discovered recently.

First is Bermuda Bonnie, originally from Philadelphia this two piece lo-fi electronic based band now reside un-signed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the lucky devils!) in the email they wrote me they describe their sound as "poppy, sassy, and psychedelic" and it is.
Its also very sweet, strangely minimal, lo-fi and bedroom sounding but in a really nice way. Its quite punk in that respect, even though their Myspace is littered with images of wonderful cheesy beach based psychedelia.

Imagine a stoned American version of Bis.. Its odd but works!

They have a 7 song album to download for free on Bandcamp. Check it out!

Next is Lately Blu Blu.

Lately Blu Blu is Leticia Llesmin a singer/songwriter and visual artist from LA, this is in the realm of gloomy anti-folk, kind of grungy at times, sometimes a little like Kimya Dawson. Kind of sad songs on sunny days.

Her Website has a couple of very nice free downloads and a great bunch of releases to buy and is full of many more links and info than the Myspace.

Check out the video below as well for an immediate take on her sound!

Finally we have Psychic Reality from San Francisco who have just finished touring with Pocahaunted and are about to embark on a 2 month tour of the States with LA Vampires with whom they have a split 7".

Psychic Reality is all looped noise, beautiful but distorted vocals, mechanical clattering rhythms, voices in tunnels, emerging lights and haunting feedback. But it is also quite structured, song based and almost poppy!

Great stuff, check their Myspace for all the tour dates and fingers crossed they come to the UK sometime soon!

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