Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Age Of Consent -dark sounds of tomorrows electro past!

Age Of Consent are two ex members of Shit Disco, Joe Reeves and Darren Cullen, making melancholic electro pop in the same vein as 80s greats like Heaven 17 or Berlin era Bowie but with all the right sounds that are making up 2010.
I loved Shit Discos super fast stuff that skirted around the edge of "New Rave" or perhaps they were New Rave I cant remember but Age Of Consent slow things down and bring the catchyness with a vengeance. I was all over this when I first heard it and almost thought for a moment that it was the Klaxons new stuff under a different name!!

The three songs that make up the demo are great, very well written pop songs, all dark electro heartbreak, the kind of the sound La Roux should have had but didn't! They were produced by Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Clor, Foals) in Italy and you can tell a bit of that dark Italian Disco feeling permeates into their sound!

This is a "band okayed" link to download one of their demo songs -"Heartbreak"

Here also is their Facebook and Twitter.

As I write this the band are building their studio to record more tracks so prepare for some great things coming this year!

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