Thursday, 22 April 2010

Chillwave, riding the next 5 bands!

Here we are at the begining of summer 2010 surfing the Chillwave all the way up the beach untill it crashes down upon the sand with the sound of approaching panpipes and bongos coming from the jungle ahead!
Dont listen to the haters, jealous of your Chillwave summer, they tried to spoil things with the Icelandic ash cloud grounding the planes across Europe but we played Neon Indian loudly to the skies and blew the cobwebs away.
With this in mind here are five more great Chillwave bands to light up the night sky!

Wild Nothing is classic stuff all emotive mellow and hazey. This is just one guy, 21 year old Jack Tatum from Virgina. He has two 7"s out on Captured Tracks one of which is a cover of a Kate Bush song!
This is totally excellent stuff with great arrangements on a par with Washed Out or Neon Indian! Dont miss out on this guy!

Teej again is just one guy but this time from this blogs home town of Brighton, England! He has a four track EP called Thirst EP out now for free which was recorded this winter in the snowy climbs of Hokkaido.
This is all glitchy drums, buzzing synths and glazed vocals layered into an epic sound, staring at the winter sun on a snow clad beach with grey waves pounding a rhythm of keyboard solos and computer game sleep cycles.
Get the EP free from >here.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic are a girl/boy duo who have never met, one of them lives in Florida the other in California. They make dream pop that isn't really lo-fi at all but is most definitely still in the Chillwave camp all star filled eyes and blissful indie!

They have a six track EP to download for free from their Bandcamp, which is most definitely worth it.

Holiday Shores are a four piece that lean towards that surf garage side of Chillwave, a boy based Pearl Harbor, Beach Boys on Valium, this is the sound of being drunk on a Florida beach and indeed this band are from Tallahassee. No keys in this band which will annoy the purists but damn you people, genres are there to slip and slide.

The band have an album, Columbus'd The Whim out on Two Syllable Records.

Finally we have Toro Y Moi. Toro Y Moi is classic housey nostalgia, ultimate reverb vocals crooning over a sound of wooshing organ, dew drop chimes and suntanned hand claps. The best Chillwave sounds should be the soundtrack to playing classic retro computer game "California Games" and I bet I could rack up a pretty high score playing hackey sack to this guy! LP Causers Of This is out now on Carpark Records!
Toro Y Moi Blog.


  1. I'm feeling it, I was stoked to come across this site that just put together a Chillwave influences comp earlier this week:

  2. yeah, i'm totally liking all this music!

  3. Toro Y Moi is the best... He's actually friends with Ernest Greene (the guy from Washed Out). they both went to University of South Carolina or something