Friday, 26 March 2010

//Tense// our industrial masters of tomorrow!

//Tense// formed like all the best bands out of a hatred of the music they heard around them! So in 2006 they started their sound, industrial, bass, drum rhythms, Depeche Mode and sweaty angry dancefloors. Houston Texas birthed these replicants who like oOoOO have a release coming soon with the Disaro label. They also have an album "Memory" and a limited release Ep on tape out with Desire Records (available here).
One cant help but feel their music is being played in an unseen club down a back street somewhere every time you watch BladeRunner. Check out Twisted Wires to get another angle on the same sound and if that isnt enough to make you scream for robotic joy and sell your eyes for food credits then check the video below to hear them immediately! Where the singer can be heard at the begining saying "hey babe you're cute I'm gonna fuck you after the show!"

Photos above by Gavin Guthrie.

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