Friday, 10 July 2009

Twisted Wires are SOOOO cool!

So.. Twisted Wires, on Italians Do It Better, are amazing!

The three songs posted on their myspace go from psychadelic post punk, backed by gothic choir samples, to dark synth tech noir with giant echoing guitar parts, to spacey disco delay pedal ballad! Its like having three bands in one!

From Houstan Texas, they have a gig with Pearl Harbour and Nite Jewel
coming up in LA on the 22nd July, which would be amazing to see, (They look SO cool!)

Shame I'm thousands of miles away!

Check them out some more and keep a look out for their release! "One Night At The Raw Deal" ..its iether about to come out or already has!

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  1. yeah, this band really are properly everything awesome.