Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pearl Harbour, Califonian surfer reverb.

I heard about these guys from Skull Kontrol blog. This is like a Vivian Girls down the echoes of a perfect californian swell. Melodic, psychedelic, reverb garage with all the hard edges smoothed away by the waves. Delving into some of the more missed out aspects of all this 60s garage punk sonic mine that the 21st century is digging into. For example, noodling guitar work with a clear sound. No Distortion!
Stoner without the paranoia!

Pearl Harbour is just two LA girls, Sky and Piper, they have a CD-R with handmade cover art called "Calistonia Dreamin' Sessions" which you can buy of them from their myspace.
Plus a 12" ep out on Mexican Summer in October.

If you love Pearl Harbour then you'll also love Best Coast! -same place, same sound, same weed!

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