Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Trudgers and tape releases.

If you know anything then you'll know this year is all about getting that tape deck out from under your bed, plugging it in and playing the glut of great tape releases that are about at the moment.
When downloading a EP or album is as easy as it these days, getting music in a non digital format is just that bit more special.

Trudgers, a Californian four piece, have two tape releases, Stag At The Social availabele on Hi Shadow and Bedrooms On Fire available on Goaty Tapes.
Fronted by Brently Mitzner (in the picture to the left) this is what I like think of as Doomwave, Ian Curtis vocals fronting dark, slow, spaced out shoegaze. Beautiful cemeteries in the rain, black and white photos of empty roads, winter. Check out English band Hateful Abandon as well for a similar Chillwave for goths, dark vibe.

Below on the left is Stag At The Social and on the right is Bedrooms on Fire.


  1. please try and get Hateful Abandon into every one of your posts. Nopt so much Chill-, more......

    wait for it.....


  2. I knew that one would go down well.