Monday, 29 October 2012

MENEO - the "Larele" video

Sometimes its nice to chill, to take a calmer route than is straight up raging, just a cool beer in one hand, reclining on a bed, nice colours nice sounds, nice. Then you get bored as all hell and before you know it there's all kinds of crack and craziness, iced up to the max and trying not to gurn, it isn't pretty it isn't nice, its a sickly sharp bitter stab in the sonic darkness twisting the knife of experience to feel out the corners of existence.

Thus we have Meneo, the horribly wonderful 8-bit hyper coloured, eye grinding bastards that they are. Come to my arms my brain splicing geniuses. Here is Meneo with their video for "Larele" a day-glow jiffy bag of crystal teeth grinder mainlined straight to the eyeballs and ear drums. Blam!

MENEO "LARELE" from Device on Vimeo.

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