Thursday, 17 June 2010

Estacy and a band that Blogspot wont allow in the title.

Two unsigned bands for you today working in the Witch House "culture".
I'm starting to feel its not just a music genre, its just as much a scene and culture. It has a strong visual as well as audio presence, social networks like Tumblr have seen to that. Plus its less connected to the normal music business formula than other groups.)

Anyway first up is <•>YΔY<•> (pronounced EYE-YAY-EYE) who professes to being from Greenland on the myspace, and were formed to deal with expressing some pretty bad nightmares!
The name is pretty much un-searchable because of its use of <>!!

There is an album out called ◭☼◮ which sounds pretty cool, its dark and experimental and it has some wonderfully creative track listings:

1. ▲▲ΔGE
2. ((◎)><(◎))
4. Oo<(▲)>oO
5. iced d▲rk
6. S◭☼◮E
7. p♥wer

Deal with that Scrobbler!!
Thing is I cant find the project anywhere to download or listen to, other than Myspace.

Next up is Estasy who (again according to the always reliable Myspace!) comes from Yemen.
An artist or group that more likely comes from Italy, this is all beautiful, haunting drones, high pitched vocals, percussion and echo. Quiet, precise and mystical. More than a touch of the Pocahaunted in fact.
My favourite track is "Wild Wants" which almost gets a bit Icelandic in its evocation. Googling them does no good as its one letter from ecstasy! But they do have two gigs in London coming up on the 25th June and 2nd July! Details on their Myspace.

There is also a blog which has lots of great masks and seriously good collages!


  1. &lt;•&gt;YΔY&lt;•&gt;27 September 2010 at 15:53

    new trax soon.