Saturday, 5 June 2010

From Russia With Aids.

A connecting current slinking like a shred of fog across the underbelly of Witch House, apart from the witch cult imagery, the female influence, the love of 90s dance, is the undeniable disconnection with the old status quo of how to be a success. From band names made of symbols that cant be Googled (even though this is a world wide internet formed genre!) to the music videos made from copyrighted films, from the strong and very important visual element that often goes "adult" thus negating TV airing, to the intentional mystery and its total lo-fi approach when it come to some recording (Mater Suspiria Vision "We dont do hi-fi -we live in woods!" *Facebook) And yet these bands are hopelessly awesome!

fromrussiawithaids does have a searchable name but is quite evasive in all other areas. The musical project of one Надежда)) -Russia via Oslo, according to her myspace, she has only been around musically for a couple of months but recently featured in a Mater Susperia Vision release by video by Cosmotropia de Xam as seen below (I dare you to phone the number on the screen!)
Check her tracks out 0n the myspace. I just wish they were available to buy.
She also has a Tumblr which is full of great images and videos.

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