Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bat for Lashes/Beck collaboration.

This is probably the most commercial of my posts so far on this blog but here is the collaboration Bat For Lashes has done with Beck for the new Twilight, Eclipse film!
It kind of weirds me out looking through the soundtrack listings to these films that so many good artist would lend their music to this franchise but if it can create a track this good then whatever!
This is an epic disco chillout song in the tradition of stadium balladiers and at the same time is close and scuzzy enough to not make me wince! Those piano stabs feel like mountains collapsing into the sea.
Really awesome. When he first comes in Beck almost sounds like the Beta Band for some reason. A proper classic that I imagine will be overlooked because of it being part of this soundtrack. Would love to see this at number one in the singles chart!

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