Monday, 7 June 2010

How I quit Crack and ___N___. Witch House post #6

Two artists for you here, the first you'll probably have heard mention of but I'd bet money that you haven't heard of the second.

How I Quit Crack the musical project of Tina F out of Austin Texas is a beautiful lo-fi experiment in doing quite literally what the name suggests. Read a great interview with her on Viceland.

This is haunted meloncholia, dark foggy echoes of dreams, buzzing thoughts played through doomy synths phasing in and out over drums that crunch slowly along.

She has just done a collaboration with Mater Suspiria Vision the outcome being the track "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" which came with the usual amazing video by Cosmotropia de Xam.
child in time by how i quit crack

old age by how i quit crack

___N___ is the grinding crack-hop noise side of Witch House all modern horror noises and evil no sleep, insomnia and Ice straight out of Birmingham Alabama.
Claustrophobic and weed soaked and similar in feel to ✝ NO VIRGIN ✝ but only more oppressive.
Listen away here or click through to his Soundcloud page to download some other of ___N___s tracks and remixs!

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