Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pearl Harbor now Puro Instinct!

So the ultimate Californian Surf garage/chillwave band Pearl Harbor have changed their name to Puro Instinct complete with soviet style font and eastern block faded photos. ..and its awesome!
They have a new EP out too, buy and download it from their Bandcamp, or wait and get it on vinyl soonish!
The sound is similar to their last releases but now seems to have a faded 80s soviet magic to it, like this is the one record to make it through the iron curtain a few years before the wall came down.

Velvet Underground tracks heard through tinny Russian speakers turned down quiet so as not too be overheard by the authorities.
The unashamed Californian joy has given way to a haunting beautiful meloncholia.

I guess to celebrate the new name they also have a bunch of really cool dates booked across the States, all up on their myspace. See them if you can!

Their blog also links to all their internet presence so go check it.

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