Monday, 14 June 2010


COOL RUNNINGS hail from Knocksville Tennesse (a five piece so far as I can tell) and rock that surf garage sound but with added drum machines and synths, its jerky and poppy almost a little anthemic! They're signed to Arcade Sound Ltd, home to Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Blackbird Blackbird and Memory House. So there are elements of that blissed out chillwave sound in there at points, but generally this band have their own sound and are wearing it very well!
They have two great EPs to download for free from their Bandcamp page, Babes Forever and Buffalo, that's eleven songs in total and they're well worth getting!
This band, just like Young Mammals before them, are definitely restoring my faith in guitars!

This is the video for the Buffalo EP:

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  1. Thanks dude. Actually played a show with Young Mammals at sxsw 08? w/ the band I used to play in Royal Bangs. They were pretty awesome!