Friday, 11 June 2010

GL▲SS †33†H. Upbeat Witch House post #7

Doubled up sounds in phasing synths, computer hand claps and feelings of impending doom!
GL▲SS †33†H make a Witch House sound that moves fast and gets your head pumping.
The product of two, dj soapzcum and dj slugdixxx, this is dancefloor Witch House, no drone but plenty of post 8-bit occultism!


  1. This shit makes me want to be a better person. My whole life I've been a no-good hoodlum, and I can honestly say that GLASS t33tH changed my life for the better. After hearing his incredible original beats, I got a job, a new car, and a wonderful girlfriend. Thank you GLASS t33tH for making me a better man!

  2. we hoodlums all got changed fo sure when we heard dis, it moved us in weird ways we cant explain!