Thursday, 20 January 2011

New okkvlt shit from norfeast U.S!

Cold War are new Witch House/Zombie Rave peoples from somewhere like Philadelphia just two guys one rapping the other producing/chopping/dragging/editing, who are turning out good drag remixs of songs you might well have wanted to hear remixed in this way, for example: Madonna's "Like A Prayer" (they spell it, lYk€ Δ prΔY€r) or Foreigners "I Want To Know What Love Is (spelled ,ΚnΦЩ ЩᾞΔT LΦ∇Ξ Ἷ§) They only started a month ago and are thinking about doing some shows this summer. All their tracks are free downloads from their Soundcloud.
ΚnΦЩ ЩᾞΔT LΦ∇Ξ Ἷ§ by realcoldwar
lYk€ Δ prΔY€r by realcoldwar
Ḓ∅ U R∃ΔLLY WΔN† 2 Li∇∃ 4∃∇∃R??? by realcoldwar


  1. yo it's three guys get your facts straight. have you even seen the movie

  2. just joking that kids a crack head. but the movie is legit.