Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dream Drunk Vs Kanye soon!

New video for Dream Drunk for the brilliantly titled "{~,~} (That Witch Shall Not Be Named)" Dream Drunk is currently working on finishing his next a release "A Beautiful Fantasy of a Dark and Twisted Nature", a reinterpretation of the music of Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". Hopefully to be completed by March. The "promo" picture for this is too the left!

DREAM DRUNK - {~,~} (That Witch Shall Not Be Named) [2011] (warning: Mixed LOUD!) from Joel Straley on Vimeo


  1. that shit was very ill. i was wondering since your in the scene deep if youve ever heard of an artist called azzklapz. he released about 10 tracks on a tumblr account like in two thousand eight and then it got deleted, i just recently rediscovered him and was wondering if you knew if he had any other releases i hadnt been able to rediscover?

    heres his new tumblr

  2. and by that i mean http://azzclapz.tumblr.com/ of course. haha devil in details

  3. Cool, thanks no I hadn't heard of AzzClapz! The track up on the Tumblr is really good! Let me know if you hear of any more tracks!

  4. check it out!
    its only that one track but judging by how active hes been in the last week with the tumblr and now this im sure theres more coming!
    im hoping to find some of his old stuff too...