Monday, 24 January 2011


Fl▲sh$i† is an artist from Madrid Spain making a lot of music that resides in the dark electronica vein that is Witch House. Dancey, occult and noise filled, slow and moody tracks but also ravey gothic ones too at times upbeat in tempo not in mood, doom laden but not heavy. This is someone prolifically producing and evolving, sampling up everyone in a zeitgiesty way and twisting dragging and eroding the sounds into a creatively special thing. At points peaceful night time Chillwave for zombie lovers swimming by the light of the full moon then at other points heady tripped out adventures in sound through dark tunnels beneath the forest, the taste of metal on your tongue and the buzz of flies in your ears. This is pagan music for future children. I want to listen to this by torch light naked in the forest android wolves passing in the shadows, the toll of the midnight bell bleeping from the Google monastery high up on the hill. The smell of the olive trees drifting on the hot breeze, the buzz of robotic cicadas tirelessly recording the ambient sounds of the night.
As well as having a great well rounded sound and some really nice production values (no one could label this lo-fi) Fl▲sh$i† also has a nice lot of vocals mixed into his tracks, this isn’t just another Witch house bedroom dj putting together a few remixes, this is well thought out.
Go download everything from his Soundcloud page now.

Black Roses by Fl▲sh$i† Wi¢k£d by Fl▲sh$i† P▲g▲n D▲ncE by Fl▲sh$i†

Image by Owleyes.


  1. Found this quote/interview here:

    "I started with music in France in late 2007 with a project called Shiny Cheap Crap I shared with a friend, our aim was to innovate the format pop, catchy melodies built of sample and much experimentation. Leila was our goddess. My exile Spain was the end of the project so I went ahead with my sampler and my 8-track digital recorder ... under the name Flash $ hit, in April this year found in Salem and I entered the scene Drag. I began to experience with that genre ... Since then I'm not Flash $ hit but Fl? sh $ i † ... "