Sunday, 9 January 2011

Russian Graveyard Disco from KℜΞϟ✞

Russian Witch House today from KℜΞϟ✞ who is one of those artist just grazing the edge of the internet with a Soundcloud page and nothing else. The tagline under his symbol heavy name is "Ɯalk †he Ƥath ʘf Şʘrrʘw" This is brilliant Zombie Rave stuff all slow and heavy and drugged out, special K pop for those in a giant hole, lost in the wastelands of Siberia, crows pecking at your bones! I say Zombie Rave but quite a lot of these tracks remix non rave stuff, there are quite a few distorted guitars in there! All the tracks are remixes and all are of Russian bands.
There is also a Zombie Rave Mix up there called V/A - Ḡraveyard Ðisco vol.1 (ℜussian Ȝombie ℜave ℳix by ✞) which is the only thing you can download but it wont embed on the blog! Get it its good!

Ḱ▲ℑ ℳ€†ϴω - Position №2 (Zombie Rave Rmx) by KℜΞϟ✞
ÐѺℒPĦℑℵ - The Spring (Witch House Rmx) by KℜΞϟ✞

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