Saturday, 8 January 2011

New $LØW HE▲D tracks!

Want new $LØW HE▲D tracks!?Hell yeah!
First up is a quiet beautiful track called "BLURRY M3ADOW" a proper late night drift off track that sparkles and glints as it drifts down stream amidst Japanese cherry blossoms.
The second track is a twenty minute mix called "December MiniMix 4 U" that you can download and is an epic winter drag and chopped mix of ghostly R&b and droning snow fall.
Next we have a track called "Animal Bones (Haintcircle)" which is a slow alien soul track like seeing Barry White fall on top of you in slow motion while he pulls of his mask revealing the face of a Grey beneath!
Finally we have //Pal3 a$ M00nli9ht// a dreamy dancey number that sounds like something that could have fallen off the b.side of an Orbital release. All good! And all to be downloaded from the Soundcloud page.
Also check out $LØW HE▲D's Tumblr.

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