Monday, 10 January 2011

The Dandelion Council - Betamax Heartsong

This is a nice simple post with a free download. The Dandelion Council is Pip Craighead who describes his music as Christian Chillwave and electronic folk! So me including it on this blog with the Christian tag is kinda hilarious! The album is called Betamax Heartsong and is available to download from Bandcamp. This is really nice dark chillwave, spacey and nocturnal, ambient and epic, with some very beautiful songs! Really sumptuous sounding and enveloping!
Pip describes his thought process behind the album thus: "Suburbs under stars, kids running around in the woods, the San Fernando Valley, Neil Young's sloppy vocals, meeting up before school in a forested park, wind in eucalyptus trees, hiding under the covers, North America in the 1980s, flying coast to coast in a light aircraft at night, Cheyenne Mountain, Japan Airlines, neon power grids, the threat of nuclear war in the late 20th century, Serra do Cristal, the Coming of Spring, the recurrent human longing for the Golden Age, the fading of nations, exploring caves, mines, fields, tract houses; the Lord."

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