Wednesday, 12 January 2011

CYP2 with Pictureplane and Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape

Great mixtape from LA clubnight Check Yo Ponytail: "1.11.11 Killing Spree CYP2 w/ Pictureplane + Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape"

Its a seamless dark electro EBM journey of filth and madness, pumping leather synth lungs and the flexing muscles of drum machine pads.

Download it here.
1.11.11 Killing Spree CYP2 w/ Pictureplane + Teengirl Fantasy Mixtape by Check Yo Ponytail

Track Listing:
1. Gatekeeper - Visions
2. Major Problem - Acid Queen
3. Tense - Lead Head
4. Soft Metals - Voices
5. Cosmetics / Premier Rang - Black Leather Gloves (Premier Rang/ Cosmetics Remake)
6. Twice a Man - Decay
7. D/R/U/G/S - Love (Love/Lust)
8. Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue
9. Infam - I Won't Loose My Faith
10. White Ring - roses
11. Seen links Schlösser rechts - Gute Freunde
12. S U R V I V E - Omniverse

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