Saturday, 29 January 2011


The blurb reads:
O.O.O. represents an attempt to capture the sound of both terror and laughter simultaneously. Ideally, my music should be heard through quality headphones."
O.O.O. has quite an annoying name but quite a nice sound, Witch House 2010 style, intense and noise filled horror score stuff noise and ambients, all right but limited as to where it can go I guess. O.O.O. is from Sowerby Bridge near Halifax, so another UK based Witchian noise maker.
This artist has a free EP to download called Losing Your Way. Get it here.
There is also an album;'ignis-fatuus' out now on CD-R (ltd edition). It's released by Frozen Tendril Records & can be bought here.
These two tracks below are my favourites:
Slugs by O.O.O.

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